2 Sep

You Can Still Make Money On Hubpages

Hubpages have seen some major changes over the past few years but for many they are still a good way to make some money – beware though, not many will get rich using this method. They can be a great way to test the waters and see what niches have potential – just be aware that when they change their policies, it’s not a democracy – you will be at their mercy. This is the main reason I always suggest having your own self hosted websites for the long term.


Before we even begin looking at realistic possible earnings, bear in mind that content, topic and advertising choices will play a huge role in determining your yield. Simply piling on contextual advertising such as Kontera, Adsense, as well as flooding your pages with Amazon and E-bay will lower your CTR and traffic noticeably.

Adsense Usage: Create lengthy introductory paragraphs, this will allow your hubs to have a highly visible unit placed right at hubpages logothe top, it will dramatically increase your click-through-rating (CTR). Take a look to the right, this is what you are aiming for: A well placed add embedded in the first paragraph (make your intros longer) coupled with a text based link that floats just above your hub.

Another useful hint is to break up your text into many modules, giving Adsense a healthy amount of placement options. In-line text link ads are particularly effective (left)

Kontera Usage: It is generally considered a waste of time to litter your hubs with Kontera unless you have a steady influx of high traffic. When I say “high”, I’m referring to no less than 100,000 views a month. Despite many veteran hubbers claiming that their Kontera earnings have not negatively impacted their Adsense earnings, I have had ill luck in achieving symbiosis.

Amazon Usage: I’ve toyed with this endlessly and have come to the following conclusions. Spamming capsules everywhere in the off-chance there’s is something that a viewer will like is both detrimental to traffic and conversions. You must attempt to entice viewers with targeted products (do not use keywords to find products, rather, hand-pick them) that are specific and highly relevant.

Placement is especially important, I have had the following experiences when playing with Amazon add placement.

Text to the left, picture and Amazon capsule to the right grants higher conversions with fewer click-throughs (left). While separating content entirely with two Amazon capsules has lead to higher click-throughs but less conversions. This isn’t a consolidated fact however, it is merely a little trial and error, ultimately you’ll have to see for yourself.

E-Bay usage: No comment, I have decided not to use E-bay on my hubs as of yet, although I imagine the options and results are similar to those of Amazon.

Ok I’ve Got All That. How Much Will I Earn?

You can earn both more and less than you think, and I’ll apologize in advance for the vague answer. Some hubbers make a living with Hubpage articles. As for me, I’m not there yet, although I have noticed how income and traffic seems to grow exponentially — even when you work steadily.

With Adsense alone around 70 articles has allowed me to meet my Adsense cash-out every month. The monthly payout is also rising steadily, whether I work or not, due to time and back-links growing passively and increasing my views.

With enough hard-work, knowledge and tenacity, there is every chance that a couple of hundred hubs will net you a monthly earning of at least $1000, if not more. The greatest thing about Hubpages is that once you you have written an article, it will continue to passively (ok, a little maintenance is required now and then) earn you money.

Do not give up early because you expected immediate returns. Sometimes it can take months for a hub to flourish. Keep building your collection of hubs, tailor your plans on what works for you, and you will be blown-away by what can be achieved.

Tips On Improving Income

  • Quality will always triumph over quantity. 100 ill-researched hubs will be outperformed by a single well researched hub. Always and without exception.
  • If you’re serious about making money on Hubpages, make a point of grabbing a quality keyword analysis tool.
  • Try to abide by Flagship hub standards.
  • Choose the appropriate topics (my best quotes hub generates hundreds of daily views but generates very little income. My big earners are small, niche specific hubs)
  • Do not be afraid to research how popular and successful hubbers write and market their hubs. Fall short of imitation, it doesn’t pay.


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