It’s been a few, exciting short months since I decided to dive head-first into my social bookmarking project. After writing a growth update on my projects blog, I decided to expand on my experiences by writing this post, which I hope will help others decide on whether or not they should pursue the same venture, what to expect and what to get out of it. Here are a list of steps and hints I would adhere to if I were (and I probably will) to start anew. (more…)



High quality content is the foundation upon which a hub is founded. Poor content, with the appropriate research and marketing process, may attract a constant stream of traffic — but will generally lead to high bounce-back rates and poor reader loyalty (few returning visitors).

This article is about everything but the writing of your hub. I will deal with the pre-production, editing and post-production routines that will help your hub break free of the clutter and gain both visibility and a little profit. (more…)


Hubpages have seen some major changes over the past few years but for many they are still a good way to make some money – beware though, not many will get rich using this method. They can be a great way to test the waters and see what niches have potential – just be aware that when they change their policies, it’s not a democracy – you will be at their mercy. This is the main reason I always suggest having your own self hosted websites for the long term. (more…)


Perhaps the most common present-day dilemma: Android vs. Windows Phone? Some would say it’s not really a dilemma since Android holds a much bigger share of market, but for those who know a thing or two about smartphones and operating systems, it’s not about popularity but about getting what they want.

It’s hard to dismiss one in favor of the other since both are exceptional in their own right, but it would be surprising if they weren’t since they have two of largest companies behind them: Google and Microsoft.

Google, of course, is behind Android and has used all of its resources, power and influence to propel this OS into the stratosphere. Giving you a straight answer about which one you should go with is a rather impossible task, so we’ve instead decided to take a closer look at Android first, and analyze its pros and cons. More on it below.

Why You Should Choose Android:

Being the most popular doesn’t always necessarily mean being the best, but it does indicate a lot of things. Because android security spyAndroid is so popular, smartphone manufacturers will race to offer as many different models as they can that run it, at every price range. If we take iOS out of competition, Android has the best support on the market with a virtually endless number of different apps in Google Play store.

But software developers aren’t the only ones which have been quick to hop aboard the Android train. Media conglomerates have also joined, which means you can gain access to your favorite music, movies and TV shows instantaneously.

One of the best aspects of Android is the high level of flexibility and customization, which is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by both users and hardware manufacturers alike. This is mirrored by all the different third-party devices for Android that are present on the market, along with numerous other accessories. As is the case with every new OS, Android wasn’t perfect from the get-go, but today, it offers everything that a great OS should: simple, intuitive user interface, great looks and optimal performance. We’ve already mentioned that there are simply too many apps for us to count.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose Android:

While, on one hand, variety is a good thing, because there are so many different Android phones to choose from it’s also a double-edged sword. It’s great if you want to get an Android device for very little money, but if you are willing to spend a bit more, it does not necessarily mean you will be getting your money’s worth.

Security can be a worry to many users. Android is a lot more open than some better protected operating systems such as Apple iOS. One major problem is that Android devices are much easier to monitor or Spy on – just a thought! Major spy software products such as FlexiSpy and mSpy work very easily on Android devices.

The biggest problem, however, stems from the fact that, with so many diverse models, some compatibility issues are bound to happen as a consequence of it. While some accessories and third-party devices might be compatible with Android, it doesn’t mean that they will be compatible with that particular Android device.

To make matters worse, compatibility issues aren’t just limited to hardware. There is also the fact that hardware manufacturers aren’t forced in any way to keep their phones up to date with the latest versions of Android. But, even if they do, it can create a whole other set of problems, because some of them, like Samsung or HTC, make their own version of Android in order to get a more custom feel and a unique experience.

The Android user experience is therefore far from uniform. The app quality is also uneven, due to relatively unrestricted access for all developers, which also means increased security risk.


I’ve quit my job to take care of my kids. It was not an easy decision to make but it’s the one I’ve never regretted, not even for a single moment. You’ve all seen what goes on in the world today and what today’s kids are capable of, in a negative sense. In my opinion, it’s mostly due to the fact that parents don’t spend enough time with their kids for one reason or another, to teach them right from wrong and how to become better people. I wanted the best for my kids, and to watch them grow up to be the best they can be, and in order to do that, I had to quit my job and become a stay-at-home mom.

The only flaw in my plan was the fact that it made my husband the sole breadwinner of the family. The money I made was decent, and we would surely miss it. So, after a couple of months trying to get used to the reduced budget, I figured it wouldn’t work in the long run, so I needed to take a more proactive approach.

Opportunities Online – Something Differentelliptical website reviews

Obviously, I couldn’t leave home, because that would kind of defeat the whole purpose of staying at home and taking care of the family, so I would need to work from home. I browsed the internet and to my disappointment most of the jobs offered there were for software developers and web designers. Sadly, I’m not either of those.

But, I remembered that a friend of mine from work started a business on the side with her husband. She started a review website called Elliptical Machine where she posted reviews of elliptical machines and lots of information about these popular trainers. The best thing about it was, she didn’t even have to invest any money into the equipment, seeing as she didn’t stock any, being an Amazon affiliate. It is a growing way to make money online and something a little different. You can get paid a commission for sending people to Amazon, if they buy something.

Truth be told, I didn’t know much about that kind of exercise equipment, which made me even more frustrated. Luckily my friend assured me that she knew nothing about it as well at first but there was plenty of info to be found on almost anything on the web. She gave me a crash course on selecting topics to target and how to get started. It is really interesting and not too technical – although there is a lot of work to do if you want to be successful.

Feeling more courageous, I decided to give it a shot and so I started a couple of blogs and websites myself. It took me a while to get a hang of the writing, but after a few weeks I could churn out plenty of articles in no time.

The money wasn’t much at first. In fact there wasn’t any, since I’ve decided to avoid putting up ads on my blog at first, which effectively killed my chance of making any money off of it, but I had a plan. I would hold off on advertising until I acquired a sufficient number of regular daily visitors, hoping they wouldn’t run once I finally introduced the ads. Luckily, they didn’t. Even better, I started making some money right away, and it couldn’t have come at a better time, since our home budget was spread a little thinner each month.

Writing articles for my blogs only takes a few hours every day, which leaves plenty of time for my kids and my husband. If you’re in a similar situation to mine – give it a shot, it might just be the best decision you’ve ever made. I don’t expect to get rich anytime soon but it is a welcome addition to our household income.


The internet is great place for just about everything. It allows you access to all kinds of information like books, music or video within seconds, simply by clicking a few buttons. You are also able to keep in touch with your friends at all times, no matter where they are in the world. But apart from using it for education and entertainment, the internet can also be used as a means to provide you with an additional income or even allow you to make a living full-time online.

There are numerous benefits of this. For example, you would be your own boss. If you make a living online there will no one breathing down your neck which makes your life less stressful. You will be able to abandon the fear of losing your job too, since you are self-employed and ultimately in control. Those among you who hate getting up early in the morning, or lead very busy lives will appreciate the fact that the work hours are completely flexible. And speaking of hours, you work as much as you want, depending on how much you are looking to make.

As for how you can make money online, it is possible to market and sell almost anything including things which are not physical products. Obviously, software developers and engineers have the edge, but you can also make money online as a designer, photographer, artist, voice actor, architect or a writer. Information type websites can be a great way to make money online, blogging.

Blogging Model

I’d like to talk about how you can make money by blogging and blogging for medical niche websites in particular. You see, a career in medicine is very promising and people are looking for more information about it every day. For example websites like this one offers a lot of information about specific nurse salaries: Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and LPN, LVN salaries. It also covers things like – chances of employment, and where to look for a job. One of my friends is a medical professional, and seeing as she has a lot of experience in the field, we’ve decided to partner up and start a similar site, which would provide real-life impressions and advice for those who are looking to become trained medical professionals.medical blogging

There is an unlimited earning potential when it comes to blogging about medicine/salary, since nursing is shaping up to be one of the most promising careers, with an estimated steady growth in the next ten years. As such, people are reading about it and looking for useful information and facts on the subject, and that’s where we come in. The other great thing about this type of niche is that the cost of online advertizing is quite high – meaning greater earnings potential for your websites.

If you happen to be working in the medical field, and have something useful that you can share, give it a shot. You might just be surprised how well it goes. Plus, you would be providing a valuable service to those who are looking to make career out of caring for others, like yourself. There are lots of opportunities if you get a little creative.

Of course, you can make money blogging about anything you are passionate about. It’s even better if you are knowledgeable in several fields, because you can run several blogs at the same time and earn more money that way. If you have any experience in medicine, I advise you to try that particular niche first, because it is highly sought after, and that means you can potentially earn more. Just another idea of how you can get started making a business online.


I’m guessing you have all seen the movie. When it first came out, “Matrix” rekindled the movie goers’ interest in sci-fi. The combination of superb and innovative special effects, intelligent plot, and an original story was an absolute critical and commercial smash. I loved it, and I’m not really a fan of sci-fi, especially if it takes place in outer space. Except for Star Wars.

But “Matrix” was much less nerdy than your usual sci-fi vehicle. In fact, a lot of people could relate to it, because it takes place on present-day Earth, and a scenario that is not as far-fetched as it might seem at first.

The concept of the machines taking over is hardly new, and has been the subject of numerous other motion pictures. Even though we tend to think we are too smart to let anything like that ever happen, I’m going to take the opportunity to say that it is already happening, and has been happening for some time.

Of course, it’s not nearly as obvious or brutal as in the movies, but it’s rather more subtle. While our bodies are not being used as a power source, we do put a lot of time and energy into being online, using computers, tablets and smartphones. We are connected 24/7, and I think, at this pace, we will burn out quickly. Our bodies and our minds are not designed to keep up with this breakneck tempo.disconnect from matrix
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others these are our “Matrix”. But, apart from the difference I have already explained, unlike the characters in the movie, we are willingly sacrificing our time and attention to be accessible anywhere we are, at all times. We are failing to realize that it is taking up too much of our time. But the fact that we are online for most of the day also indicates that we are, first and foremost, social beings.

In the past, we used to interact with one another in person, go out for a cup of coffee, or a drink. Now the interaction has shifted toward the virtual realm. While that has its benefits, it’s nowhere near being a good substitute for actual human interaction.

In my opinion, stuff like social media should be used to complement and enrich our lives, not take over them, but it is happening, and it’s our own fault. We have all this amazing technology at our disposal, but I don’t think we are ready to use. It’s like a Ferrari being given to a teenager. But, I’m not looking to start a revolution here. I would be more than happy if half the people reading this article would realize that social media exist because of us, not the other way around. The sooner we do that, the better.

Go out and have a cup of coffee with someone whose company you enjoy. And put down the phone. The internet is still going to be there an hour later.


Note: This is about PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition, not the regular PhoneSheriff.

You may have heard about PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition, but what is it? Essentially, it’s computer software that lets you spy or rather, monitor your kid’s Apple devices, and Apple only. Since it’s installed directly on your PC (Not the device), you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to do this, saving you lots of time and effort.

This is a plus, since many do not like to use monitoring apps on Apple devices, since they need to be jailbroken. Monitoring devices has its uses. It’s great to see what your kids are up to, for instance. It monitors through iCloud, so you do need the target users’ ID and password.

mSpy have a similar program for monitoring the iPhone without needing to Jailbreak – as well as regular spy phone software. Both work in a similar way – using iCloud backup service. Reflex Software Guides has a good write up / review of mSpy – check it out.

What Do You Need?

You need an apple device such as an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, and you need to make sure it’s monitoring with softwarerunning iOS5 or higher. The device needs a backup using iCloud, which is Apple’s cloud storage. It is free. You need their ID and password, as established, an internet connection and a PC running Windows Vista or higher. For the program, it is just one off lifetime license. You don’t need to pay any hidden monthly fees.

What Does It Monitor?

  • Contacts -The contacts and details on the device.
  • GPS Location -The location of the last backup on a map that is not in real time.
  • Call History
  • Texts – Logs from all messages sent and received.
  • Photos
  • Safari Bookmarks – Does only bookmarks. No web history.

The program works very differently to regular cell phone spy software but it can monitor some of the same activities.

This program doesn’t have full monitoring capabilities but it’s a great substitute if you don’t want to jailbreak or can’t get the jailbroken apps to work. See it as that, and don’t expect full-on monitoring capabilities. Android versions of the software are actually much more powerful – with more features.

How Do You Use It?

First, set up your iCloud on your target device. After that, install PhoneSheriff IE on your PC. Sign in using the iCloud login info, and then view the logs. It’s that easy. No hardcore hacking skills required. ICloud synchs up with the device at pre-set intervals, so you can look at new logs each time it is synced with backup. This is why this program has limitations – no real time monitoring.

It doesn’t hack into the phone, but instead pulls everything from the backup. And if the iCloud doesn’t update, you can’t see everything, and GPS locations are dated. With the fact that you need the target’s ID and password, this is best suited for your own children where you control and own the device.

Remember to stay legal when using any of these monitoring products – you can’t legally just spy on people’s cell phones.

The Verdict

This product works as it should, and the company that made it has an excellent reputation. For parents,parental control software it is revolutionary. You can see your kids’ data without them knowing, all without jailbreaking. It has it limits, and is not a hacking device you see in spy movies, but it’s great for monitoring kids.

Don’t compare it to a normal spy tracker and it’s great. At a one-time fee of $79, it’s a good deal, and you can monitor an unlimited amount of devices. You can also try out a trial version if you want to. You don’t need any payment info, and it displays few logs. It’s great if you want to try it out beforehand.

Summarized Details

Only works on Apple devices with an iOS 5 or above.

Devices must have iCloud, and the user must have the iCloud’s ID and password.

The target won’t know you’re monitoring them.

No jailbreak required. Just a PC with Windows Vista or above.

Monitor as many devices as you want.

A onetime fee.

A free trial as well.

You can find out more here:


A little shy of 10 days ago, Paul Deeds, one of Hubpages co-founders (who also found the time to grace one of my posts with a comment!) announced a small improvement to the already fantastic keyword tools that Hubpages offers on all its hubs.

Up until this point in time, I had exclusively used third-party tools such as Google Analytics to monitor and tweak my content, but this announcement compelled me to take a closer look at such an easily readable and accessible tool.

The layout is extremely simple and long-and-short of your keyword efforts do leap into the foreground. But could I trust this tool to pay dividends over pricey, award-winning third party software? In short, do I gain anything by tweaking my hubs accordingly?

In order to test, I took one of my best performing hubs, along with one of my worst and did a little tweaking using solely the integrated Hubpages keyword tool.

The hub on the left represents one of my worst performing hubs, shown here over a span of over 2 years, holding steady at Keywordsaround 8-10 views a day. A week ago I noticed that the new keyword tool addition, the “title suggestion tool” was flagging the fact that most of my inbound track were arriving to my hub via a separate core key word.

The results were startling. While I know that updating a hub, regardless of improvements, will lead to a temporary internal boost in traffic. The moment Google spared me’old tank a minute, it duly tapped into it’s new keyword with force. A week later, my organic search engine visits jumped by almost 500%.

Bear in mind, that 2 years ago I had very little knowledge of how to target niches and golden keywords. But given time, the Hubpages tool was able to tell me where to aim my hub.

*Red line denotes when changes were made
The results on one of my prolific hubs was less noticeable. Partly because I had done my homework beforehand, and partly because the title suggestion was noting that much of my traffic was coming from less competitive keywords. Given time though, holding steady and a sprinkling of marketing would spur my current keywords to new heights. The most I was willing to change were fluffy stop-words which might make the hub more appealing on a search engine.

My overall conclusion with regards to this handy tool is that it is absolutely fantastic when it comes to optimizing dated hubs and recycling articles in an attempt to breath new life into them. Added to which, the detailed key phrase tool may give you an idea on how to improve the search engine aesthetics of your titles.

Despite this, it remains a feature and should not replace conventional keyword research (it might even harm it — don’t fall for overly empty and easy niches) and I’m sure the Hubpages team would agree with me in this regard.